Woman arrested for giving police false information

Police in Katwe, Kampala have arrested a woman for giving false information to them.

The suspect is called Atuhairwe Evelyn aged 26 years.

Its alleged that Atuhairwe went to Katwe Police and reported a case of kidnap of her twins namely Nakato and Waswa.

She also reported aggereviated robbery of two suit cases, hand bag, money cash Shs 360,000 and two phones, techno and itel.

That this occured on 03/02/20 at 2300hrs along Salama road.
She had alleged that she came from Masindi with the twins aged 04 months and her laguages to Kampala.upon reaching town she got a special hire car black in colour of which she did not get the registration number plate to Salama where she was going to stay.

However, along the way the driver kept communicating to another person how he was bringing his things. Along the way the driver stopped where there is a sugarcane plantation and was joined by a boda boda rider who ordered the complainant to get out of the vehicle and put the twins and every thing she had down.

She tried to resist but they threatened to hit her and kill her with a hammer which they brought out. She was told to put the head down and she became unconscious, this was around 2300hrs and only gained her consciousness at around 0400hr.

Police of Katwe conducted investigations which revealed that the complainant faked this case after having deceived the former man friend one Lubwama Hussein that she had produced twins for him whereas not.

And she extorted money from him for the last period of the alleged pregnancy and after delivery.
Investigations revealed that the complainant was now staying with a new man called Tamale Frank along Busabala road where she left that morning and came to police to fake this case.

She is being detained at Katwe police Station on charges of giving false information.Uganda Police Force.