How Mp Odongo was punched to comma by a fellow MP over defamation

Mp Odongo punched to comma by fellow MP over defamation.

Aruu County legislator Odongo Otto has been admitted to Nakasero Hospital after being punched by MP Akol Anthony of Kilak County.

Hon. Akol approached MP Otto in the lobby and asked why he (MP Otto) was telling his voters not to vote for him.

Over the weekend Mr Otto addressed a rally in the disputed Lakang land in amuru and told voters hon Akol and Chairman LCV of Amuru had recieved over 300million from govt after selling land to government.

“Hon Akol sold land of the poor people in Apaa,” says MP Otto

Embattled MP Akol said it was “his land he sold.”

“I went to prison to protect poor peoples land then you sells it.” Mr Otto said

After MPs exchanged words Hon Akol became furious.

“I will act mad now.” MP Akol said

Immediately he punched hon. Otto on the head.

It took the intervention of Gulu municipality MP Komakech to hold Hon Akol from almost punching hon Otto to death.

Uganda Police has intervened and sergeant at arms called for ambulance to rush Hon.Otto to Nakasero hospital.

Many MPs are having disputes as we draw close to 2021 general elections.