Environment activist Mugerwa Timothy eyes Uganda presidency come 2021

As Uganda draw close to 2021 general elections, youthful environment activist Mugerwa Timothy has declared to challenge president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for failing to manage a gifted nation like Uganda. Whisper Eye Reports.

Mr Mugerwa Timothy has today declared to challenge Mr Museveni in a press briefing at Speke Hotel in Kampala.

According to Mr Mugerwa, Uganda needs a system change which he said that his Uganda Green New Deal has brought as the solution to embattled economy of Uganda.

“Solutions to ailing NRM government, sick political system, inequality, corruption, stagnant economy, poor technology, systematic poverty, environment abuse, and increasing youth unemployment, lie in the Green New Deal.” Mr Mugerwa said.

“We desire on politics build on ideas not emotions or excitement,” says Mugerwa.

A very intelligent young man promised Ugandans to build strong institutions as one of the solutions to the problems highlighted by other politicians.

Mugerwa Reacts during the press

“We need strong institutions not individuals. We have to build this 21st revolution from the grassroots not from the top, as every one else is doing.” He stated.

Museveni is faced with a strong challenge from environmental and climate activists a cross the world.

Uganda is among the top countries with good climate, however president Museveni has failed to protect the country’s environment.

Mugerwa joins the list of Uganda presidential hopefuls come 2021 elections.