NRA\NRM Celebrates 34 years of Uganda’s liberation

The President of the Republic of Uganda and Commander-in-Chief of the Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces (UPDF)has today officiated at the 34th NRM day celebration under the theme “Celebrating NRM patriotic struggle that ushered in National Unity and economic transformation” at Ibanda Demonstration play ground Ibanda district.

In his remarks, the President reminded Ugandans what the NRA/NRM has done over years such as building roads,improving Education Sector, constructing roads, improving the Health Sector, building factories and creating employment for many ugandans.

He said Africa is the origin of man and it has made a huge contribution towards human history.

The President informed the gathering that the invention of a printing press by a German man Guternberg was the beginning of Africa’s problems because Africans missed the historical mass shifting from human muscle to machines.

“As the NRM Government, we have been telling people that we need to make a number of jumps from subsistance Agriculture to income generating through agriculture” he said.

He cautioned the people about subsistence farming saying that in order to live a good life there is need to eliminate the culture of working for the stomach only.
All the homesteads must not only produce for the stomach but also should work for income.

The whole Country must not only depend on Agriculture but also on the service sector and the ICT sector which is the new sector.

He said Uganda now has 2million employed in non agricultural activities and this is a good step towards the socio economic transformation of the nation.

The president also talked about corruption of public servants who want bribes especially from Investors who want to do business here and create jobs for our people. “I have told investors to always report those people who ask them for bribes to report them to ambassodors and be tried in courts of law and sent to coolers” he said.

We also have market for our goods now of almost all our goods and this shall improve by working with our brothers in the East African Intergration Market.

The former president of Tanzania His Excellence Dr.Jakaya Kikwete thanked the President for inviting him to celebrate with him the 34th National Resistance Movement (NRM) anniversary victory that transformed Uganda tremendously.

He said that he first met President Museveni at the University of Dar es Salaam and after hearing good stories about him and how he was militant in nature.

He also said that he has been a mentor not only to him but many African leaders and that he has a passion to contribute to African Revolution.

President Museveni congratulated the people of Ibanda and thanked them for building good houses. “I no longer see grass thatched houses,”he said.

The function was attended by speaker of Parliament of Uganda Rebecca Kadaga ,the Chief Justice Bart Katureebe, the Deputy Speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanya, Cabinet Ministers, Ministers of state, permanent secretaries Diplomatic corp among others.

The function was climaxed by awarding of different medals.