Failed leadership is both a stumbling block and an obstacle , says Byamugisha

Failed leadership is both a stumbling block and an obstacle, Says Byamugisha.

Presidential aspirant Moses Byamugisha labels Museveni government a failure that must be fixed as early as possible.

Mr Byamugisha told Whisper Eye that president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party captured state institutions which has crippled development in the country.

“The capture of state institutions by the incumbent ruling party has exacerbated the problem of failed policies by breeding institutionalised incompetence and endemic corruption,” says Mr Byamugisha.

“Patronage has overshadowed performance and pursuing regime survival has tramped building a merit-based system of managing public affairs.” He added.

Byamugisha argued Ugandans to take action and establish a new result oriented people’s government.

“From the foregoing, what is therefore urgently needed, is to mobilise Ugandans into action that can cause change, establish a more responsible government and put in place more common sense policies that ensure inclusive growth, create decent well-paying jobs and accelerate the socio-economic transformation of our country.” He said.

Byamugisha also declared his interest to contest with Mr Museveni in the forthcoming general elections in 2021.