Why Miss West Nile 2024 is prioritising tourism and health

Patricia Jane Alobo from Paidha town council, Zombo district defied all odds to become queen of west Nile 2024 winner in a highly contested Miss West Nile beauty pageant.

The event mixed with easy on the eyes pomp and glamour at global resort village Pakwach at the gate way to west Nile sub region saw a couple of participants from every nook and cranny of the region competing to become the west Nile vanquisher.

As the old adage say, there would always be one winner, Alobo, the lady of stature (height), blessed with a beaming smile and humility, was announced the champ upon beating her colleagues.

The Beauty pageants builds confidence, develop communication skills, cultural exchanges and understanding, community service and advocacy amongst other skills that if Alobo capitalize on will see her travels miles and set her names on the west Nile hall of fame.

Asked about how she feels about the win, Alobo, that hails from Paidha town council at the Uganda-DR Congo border believe her win symbolizes not only her personal achievements but an inspiration to the young ones who dream to achieve in life.

Delving into what Alobo intends to do upon ascending on the thrown, she said “west Nile is blessed with many tourism potential, during my reign, I will venture into promoting the sites nationally and even internationally”.

Her dream also extends to ensuring healthy living amongst west Nile people. This would be done by sensitizing community on benefits associated with regular health checks that can identify early signs of health issues.
“My plan is to sensitized the community about benefits of regular health check because our people are suffering from STDs, HIV/AIDS, diabetes amongst others silently without seeking medical attention earlier” Alobo said adding about her intention to also champion girl child education in the region.

She expressed her utmost joy over the immense support people from her town and the entire region accorded before and after winning the 2024 west Nile prestigious beauty pageantry contest and rallied for support towards her forth coming homecoming event in which she will be officially presented to her home people in a powerful celebration slated for 27/28 of this month at Bar Okoro stadium in Paidha town council.

A couple of activities is expected to take place ranging from free health camps, exhibition of cultural artefacts, music performances from some local artists, traditional dance and performances, dramas , cleaning of the town amongst others.
At the mobilisation meeting for her homecoming event in which she was flanked by her first runner-up, The LCIII chairperson of Paidha town council who chaired the meeting expressed his support to ensure that the event is a success.

Onega who also rallied for support from business community, leaders, civil servants, youths for the forthcoming homecoming event for Alobo applauded people of Paidha town council for ever hoisting sky-high the flag of Zombo and greater Nebbi at large.

“We are so proud of what Paidha is producing. Recently Paidha town council won the award for best revenue mobilization lower local government, the best journalist in the district also came from here, and Paidha black angels fc emerged as winners of west Nile regional league and now Alobo winning Miss West Nile, we need to be proud of this” Onega said

He added “I request that a lot of activities be carried out on that day like cleaning the town to demonstrate the value of sanitation to our people”

The 2024 Queen of west Nile tourism beauty pear gantry which is predominantly tourism oriented was themed “beauty meet adventure”, aiming at exposing and promoting west Nile, the region well-endowed with myriads of many unrecognized tourism sites.

Francis Adriko, the team leader of queen of west Nile beauty pageantry said “the homecoming is actually an event that is meant to mobilize resources that can support the queen in carrying out many of the activities because she needs to move all over talking about girl child, tourism sites, health amongst others “Adriko said further rallying community to support the event with unstoppable sincerity and commitment.

Meanwhile, Nelson Ogentho from the office of the national chairman a docket under the president’s office said “the president always stresses the need for empowerment of youths and this time around it has happened to our sister Patricia Alobo. We are so grateful to have her and we are ready to support”
Some of the tourism sites in west Nile
Wang-lei site, Biku the smallest chapel, Alur Kingdom Palace, Miriadua falls, Ajai game reserve, river Nile, Nyagak river , mountains amongst others.