Man commits suicide over bride price pressure

A 19 year old male adult identified as Edmond Mungudit,  a resident of Yil Village, Anyola Parish Atyak Sub county , Zombo District  has reportedly ended his own life over immense pressure from his brothers inlaw over unpaid bride price.

 He reportedly ended his life on saturday 18 may, 2024 at Yil Village, Anyola Parish Atyak Sub County upon returning from garden work at noon in his bedroom when his wife was preparing lunch.

The LC1 Chairperson of Yil Village, Phillip Okwonga Jawiambe told this Publication that the deceased ” had immense pressure upon receiving urgent information that his brothers in law were coming to collect bride price over the weekend. He committed suicide in the bedroom today and his wife found him hanging on a rope and we went and indeed got him dead” 

Philip Okwonga Jawiambe , The LC1 chairperson of Yil village. confirmed the incident

He added that at first ” he got frustrated and started blaming his mother  for not helping him “

Stephen ongeowun, the deceased Close  friend  said ” he  was leaving a frustrated life lately and was talking of abandoning home ever since he got the information of his inlaws coming”

The case has been reported to Atyak police post and the body will be taken for burial  to the deceased ancestral home in Konga in Jangokoro Sub county.

Nuru wathum, An elder in Yil Village Anyola Parish appeal to people not to exert much pressure on young married couples who are struggling to make ends meet.

Recently, Alur Kingdom has  been advocating against prevalence of high teenage marriage that they say is associated with handful of challenges ranging from poverty, health complication amongst others.

 The effect of bride price can be  severe for adolescent girls, especially where parents have an urgent financial need.