Use the Faith of Unity Calander and create more income-generating projects, Owobusobozi Bisaka says

The head and founder of the Faith of Unity Omukama Ruhaga Owobusobozi Bisaka has advised believers and non-believers to use the Faith of Unity Calander to create more projects which increase their income.

Omukama Ruhaga Owobusobozi Bisaka said this at His three days function at Burora Bukwenda located in Kagadi where Faith of Unity believers spent three days listening to the teaching of Unity in Oneness. Omukama Ruhaga Owobusobozi Bisaka in his remarks appreciated President Museveni and his government for the peace and freedom of Worshipping.

He advised Ugandans especially the Believers to add more efforts in creating more income-generating projects. Owobusobozi said that only using and following the Faith of Unity Calander can only help in creating the wealth which President Museveni has always advocated for.

Owobusobozi also advised people to be more curious about the exported religions which He said were imported here to keep Africans backwards and in poverty. The function was attended by recently promoted Army officers who openly and bravely thanked Owobusobozi Bisaka for Healing their spiritual and body diseases hence being promoted in Uganda Peoples Defense Force UPDF.

The officers led by Capt Regan Mugaaza expressed happiness in believing in Omukama Ruhaga Owobusobozi Bisaka Mugaaza saying that since He joined the Faith of Unity things have always been going well and his recent promotion in UPDF made his life easy.

Many people from various areas attended this function with thanks from Owobusobozi Bisaka who healed them at a free cost

About 120 joined the intambiro and over 564 joined the staff of Owobusobozi Bisaka. On 22nd February 2024, it will be 44 years ever since The Faith of Unity started.