Oyam Police arrests three men over allegations of stealing donated gov’t mosquito nets

By Chris Woo

Among the suspects being held at Aber Police Station include Abongo Innocent, Ayeni Majid and Joe Ajol who is the security guard of Adyegi Health Centre Two.

According to a report, the arrest of these three suspects followed the loss of three bales of treated mosquito nets that went missing during offloading at Adyegi Health Centre two in Aber sub-County last  Saturday.

Even though these three suspects are now being investigated some locals believe that Abongo Innocent is the only prime suspect who deserves to be arrested and jailed because this is not the first time he is stealing property belonging to this facility.

Doctor Caroline Agaro the  Assistant district health officer of Oyam district confirmed that they encountered a loss of mosquito nets at Adyegi Health Centre two where some locals who were offloading nets reportedly stole three bales of nets which resulted in the arrest of these suspects however she says upon serious investigation they recovered two bales plus 38 pieces of nets which were already stolen.

Dr Agaro condemned such acts saying this is sabotaging government programs which frustrates government efforts in the fight against Malaria.

She future cautioned people against misuse of these nets adding that the beneficiaries must wash these nets  only three times in a year.

Similarly William Komakec the  resident district commissioner of Oyam district equally condemned the manner in which the locals involved themselves in stealing government nets saying these suspects won’t be released until all the two missing pieces of nets are recovered.

He also rallied the locals to report any act of theft and misuse of these nets to the relevant authorities so that necessary action be taken with immediate effect.

According to a report Ministry of Health last week supplied 6804 bales of mosquito nets which is equivalent to 272,160 pieces of nets to the Oyam district where mass distribution of these nets started today the 6th of December 2023 and it will end on the 7th of December this year.