It’s 2026 or Never. Gen MK’s diehards roaring for his candidature

The writings on the wall are clear that the President’s son Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba is interested in becoming the next head of State of Uganda just after his father who has been in power since 1986. For a while now, he has been traversing the country under the disguise of birthday celebrations,Bulunji Bwansi and holding Barazas but all clearly having one aim, the Presidency.

Gen Muhoozi boasts a well structured pressure group dubbed the MK Movement a political vehicle that he uses to popularize himself as 2026 nears. The Movement has been seen organizing numerous political rallies across the country, distributing tshirts and recruiting people into movement.

However it is not yet clear if Gen Museveni will vacate the seat he has occupied for over 3 decades by not contesting in the upcoming 2026 Presidential polls. Those roaming within the corridors of power spoke to this media and asserted that there can never be a situation where Gen Museveni can appear on the same ballot with his son a clear signal that it is either Gen Museveni or his son but not both.

To the supporters of Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba who happens to still be a serving Military officer something that restricts his political ambitions, they say that they expect Gen Museveni the Commander in Chief to retire the ambitious General and let him join the political arena freely without any restrictions.

Hon David Kabanda the National Deputy Spokesperson of the MK Movement was once quoted saying that 2026 is the appropriate year for Gen Muhoozi to step in while he is still appealing to the youth. According to Kabanda, if his ambitions are postponed to 2031, he will be in his late 50s hence less appealing to the young people who are his main supporters.

Gen Muhoozi himself once posted on his X (Twitter) account that ” across Africa, so many of my friends have become Presidents, my time has also come, I cannot wait any longer!!”

However as the General as his supporters holler, it looks like President on the other hand is also pushing for his stay in power 2026 and beyond. The President has been attending all functions especially at Kololo Independence grounds popularizing his candidacy for the 2026 polls. He has attended Museveni Awooma Album launch by Munamasaka, his 79th birthday and the Jaja Tova Ku Main launch.

To his supporters, they want him to stand in 2026 something that has brought tensions between them and supporters of his son. At many occasions, the two parallel groups have been attacking each other especially in the media.

It is thus a complicated situation for the 1st Family but the final decision lies in the hands of one person the President himself as he holds the key to retire Gen Muhoozi from the army and secondly taking a decision not to stand.

If he stands again, what is the fate of Gen Muhoozi and his restless twitchy supporters? Won’t 2031 be too far for them?