MP Mpuuga speaks out on why Ugandans should kick out regime apologists

Nyendo Mukungwe Division Member of Parliament Hon Mathias Mpuuga has come this morning strongly to comment about the Masaka Regional Referral Hospital renovation.

Located in Masaka City Masaka Regional Hospital has seen a transformation. It’s now equipped with essential resources necessary for both internal medicine and intensive care, ensuring comprehensive and top-quality medical services, according to a tweet that kind of mocked MP Mpuuga.

However, the leader of the opposition Mathias Mpuuga had this to say, “ Because we exterminated the NRM from Masaka, the fruits are beginning to bear. This is reason enough for the rest of the country to kick out the regime apologists and embrace the National Unity platform.

“You can even go and check on our roads and compare with elsewhere where the regime’s people are in charge”, he added.

In the 2021 elections National Unity Platform swept Masaka political posts from the ruling NRM and they voted NUP presidential candidate Bobi Wine overwhelmingly defeating President Museveni on all polling stations.

MP Mpuuga also serves as Deputy President of the National Unity Platform (NUP) Political party led by Bobi Wine.