Nebbi medical worker arrested for reportedly raping 16-year-old patient

By Mike Rwothomio and Ofoymungu Lee

Francis Adabbu, A medical worker operating a private clinic in Unjuku upper cell, Forest ward, Thatha Division  Nebbi Municipality, is in police custody on allegations of raping a 16 year old patient in his clinic.

The teenager is an S.3 student at a secondary school in Paidha Town Council Zombo District.

According to the father of the girl, Her daughter fell sick a month ago and on the advice of a friend, He took the teenager to the said health worker,  who then treated her well but advised that the patient be taken back for review after a month.

He said the month elapsed on Thursday last week and his daughter was taken for review only to be raped by the health worker.

He added that The health worker charged him  Ugx 150,000 for treatment which he cleared.

“My daughter fell really sick last month, my friend advised me to take her to a clinic in Nebbi Municipality that belong to Francis Adabu, I took her there and he treated her at a cost of  Ugx 150,000. He told me to take my daughter for review after a month and last week, I had to sent a boda boda man to take her but when they came back, The child  was looking so weak, that I thought maybe it was the impact of the medication she received. She instead disclosed to her mother that she was raped by Andabu inside his treatment room, I had to take the matter up to Nebbi Police Station thus his arrest” He told the Whisper Eye News.

The LC1 chairperson of Unjuku upper cell, Thatha Division, John Ongom Berocan confirmed the suspect arrest without divulging details.

” It’s true that  Addabu who has a clinic here was arrested here in my village by officers from Nebbi Police Station, but I’m not quite sure of the reasons behind his arrest”, Ongom explained.

Other people from Unjuku upper  cell  who talked to whispereye news on condition of anonymity revealed  that cases of that nature has been occuring in his clinic repeatedly but no one would take bold step of challenging the suspect.

His case is registered at Nebbi Police Station under SD REF:31/08/09/2023 CBR 582/2023.

The Nebbi District Police Commander Aminsi Kayondo confirmed his arrest noting that he has been slapped with charge of aggravated defilement.

” The Major reason for his arrest was defilement. He was found to have reportedly defiled a young girl who reported together with the mother. Investigations are still ongoing as he stays with us. we shall see how to prosecute him through the courts of law on charges of aggravated defilement” Aminsi Explained.

The incident comes at a time when Alur King Ubimu Philip Rauni Ularker III is totally against acts that infringe on women’s rights in all aspects.