“I’m fighting for what belongs to me.” Gashumba roars as fight for OMALAKO JAJA TOVA KU MAIN copyright escalates

The relationship between Mr Frank Gashumba and Hajati Hadijja Namyalo of the office of the National Chairman keeps worsening day by the day as the two fight for the ownership of OMALAKO JAJA TOVA KU MAIN slogan and the art piece portraying Gen Museveni walking.

The two who had earlier worked together during the initial stages of the project in October 2022 are now distant and not seeing eye to eye after the business got soar towards the end of March 2023 with the two parties pulling ropes over the ownership of the slogan and the art piece that has become so famous especially as we get closer to the 2026 General elections.

Mr Frank Gashumba, says he started smelling something fishy about the whole issue when Hajjati Hadijja Namyalo decided to deny him the tender to supply the ONC with t-shirts branded OMALAKO JAJA TOVA KU MAIN tova contrary to an earlier agreement they had when he (Gashumba) brought the idea of using the phrase as a branding slogan plus the art piece which were to market President Museveni for the 2026 General elections.

Gashumba says he felt betrayed because he even got to know from a friend who works in the state house that actually Hajati Namyaalo had been given 400 million shillings to print the t-shirts but she had decided to keep it away from him.

“When I asked her why she is sidelining me, she told me that the President ordered her to share the said business with other NRM supporters,” he said

This tempted Gashumba through his lawyer Counsel Muhangi of KTA Advocates to run to the Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) to copyright the two intellectual properties something that didn’t land well in the ears of Hajati Namyalo who objected to the claim on June 5, 2023, through her lawyers of Sebuufu Usaama and Stanley Kangye from K&K Advocates.

Today the 17th of July 2023, the URSB registrars called the two parties and a meeting was convened at the URSB offices in Kampala with both parties appearing in person accompanied by their lawyers.

The presiding registrar Mr Lutudde Ronald asked both parties to file their evidence about the alleged ownership of the intellectual property on the 21st of July which they all agreed upon.

He also asked them to use the same time if possible to mediate talks amongst themselves to see if the matter can smoothly be settled without the need to escalate it to courts of law.

According to Mr Gashumba, he is open to dialogue and talks with Hon Hajjati Hadijja Namyaalo. We tried to contact her for a comment but she didn’t pick up her calls some sources close to the ONC head told this media that she is not willing to have any talks and only wants to pursue the legal path.

Gashumba says he has tons of evidence to prove that he actually owns the intellectual property but because of the spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood, he would prefer the matter to be settled through talks rather than legal but if Hajjati Namyaalo isn’t willing, he is ready to continue with the legal path because he will be fighting for what belongs to him.

Speaking to the press, Gashumba presented several designs of t-shirts, showcasing the evolution of the slogan and claiming to have printed over 80,000 of them. He expressed disappointment at seeing his idea being used by unknown individuals for printing and distribution.

Gashumba also adds that before he had even taken a step to run to URSB, he had tried to find a covert solution for the matter by contacting senior leaders to mediate the matter like Hon Moses Kigongo the NRM National Vice Chairperson only for Hajati Namyaalo to tell Mr Kigongo that she only listens to her boss Gen Yoweri Museveni. Gashumba says she did the same for Capt Mike Mukula and Mr David Mafabi the Presidential advisor on General duties.

A highly trusted source at the office of the National Chairman that spoke to this media on grounds of anonymity said that it is true Mr Gashumba is the rightful owner of the two intellectual properties under contestation but no staff at ONC can testify this in fear of losing their jobs as Hajati Namyaalo is a kind of lady who victimizes those who speak the truth and fires at will those who disagree with her.

The hearing of the case has been set for 12th September at 2 pm local time.