MP Ssegona says, It’s Museveni with your kidnapped children, not us the opposition

Hon Medard Lubega Ssegona has come out to say that it is wrong for the public to demand their abducted children from the opposition yet it is the government under Gen Museveni who has them in the different detention centers around the country. #WhisperEyeNews

While appearing on one of the media stations early this year 2023, Ssegona said that the opposition is only doing its best to make sure that all political prisoners are released but it’s not them that abducted them neither do they know where they were taken and thus the public should instead exert that pressure on Gen Museveni and his government to release their beloved ones.

Busiro East Member of parliament Ssegona said that members of the opposition led by the LoP Mathias Mpuuga Nsamba have for long been pressurizing parliament led by the Speaker, Ministers in charge of security and their Internal Affairs counterparts plus the Prime Minister to present a report on what is happening to the incarcerated individuals and force government to present the victims in court for trial if at all they committed any crimes.

“I can’t go to Mbuya barracks or whatever detention center with an axe and break down the walls to release your children. The person who has them is known. I can only use legal means to try to secure their freedom once again. ” he said

Ssegona however said he is disappointed that the government is not responding positively on the matter and that the legal means are not yielding the required results as expected.

Ssegona has advised the public to stop Gen Museveni’s convoy whenever he is moving around and demand him to release their children, wives, and husbands whom he kidnapped because they do not support him.