Big Story: Museveni can’t stop Uganda’s change, says Mao

Change of leadership is inevitable in Uganda whether president, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni likes it or not, the Democratic Party-DP presidential candidate, Norbert Mao has said. 

According to Mao, Museveni should not live in denial that he cannot be removed because he too came through change in 1986.

Mao made the remarks while addressing hundreds of his supporters in Pajule Town Council in Pader District on Sunday.

“…Uganda will change whether Museveni wants it or not because he came as a result of change so he can’t say there can’t be any change. When he became president, there was also someone in power, which means change is inevitable. But when the change happens where will the Acholi people be, shall we be in pain or enjoy the moment, if we want to enjoy, we should vote for one of us from here.”  

Mao told his supporters that whereas it is very easy to remove president Museveni through the ballot, there is need to carefully choose his replacement with the right person who understands the problems of the country and loves Ugandans.

He cites countries such as Zimbabwe and Egypt where their former leaders, Robert Mugabe and Hosni Mubarak were removed from leadership but their systems have remained intact to date.

“…It’s easy to remove Museveni but if you don’t replace him with someone who has the brain to understand the problem of this country and love all Ugandans, it will not be any different from what happened in Egypt and Zimbabwe were Mugabe and Mubarak were removed from power but all their systems are still intact. So if you trust me, on January 14th send your voice and vote me, if you vote me, the whole country will know you stood by your own son…”

He asked his people to vote for him being a son of the region to bring pride to the people of Acholi who have for long been voting for presidential candidates from other regions. Mao says he will be a bridge that can be easily accessed by all Ugandans once elected as president.

“My people vote for me so that I become a bridge that can be used by all Ugandans so that we move forward in a Uganda we move with our heads up full of pride, “he said.

Mao was in the district for the second day of his last campaigns in East Acholi, which started with Kitgum and Lamwo Districts on Saturday ahead of this week’s presidential and parliamentary elections.