Police fire teargas to disperse Burobuto supporters in Gulu city

Police fire teargas to disperse Burobuto supporters in Gulu city. Whisper Eye Reports

Today, the lion of the 2021 poll, Jothan Yamurebire Burobuto of the Patriotic Youth Platform was in Acholi subregion seeking for seconders of his presidential bid.

The generational leader was led into the heart of Gulu town by a mammoth crowd chanting and lauding his name in the local Acholi dialect. “We want Burobuto, we want PYP,” shouted Boda Boda riders escorting Jothan to the heart of Gulu town. “PYP, PYP, Burobuto, Yamurebire!!,” the continued shouting at their peak. Businesses came to a standstill as people trailed behind the PYP strongman as he combed through the streets of Gulu.

No sooner had Burobuto reached Layibi division than a gendarme of armed police officers intercepted his motorcade and started firing plumes of itchy teargas to disperse his supporters. In the pandemonium, a series of arrests were made and several PYP supporters remain in custody at Gulu CPS.

The Gulu DPC has already warned Burobuto to desist from making further public appearances which are inviting crowds. “We told this young aspirant to mobilize his signatures scientifically. He knows he is leading the presidential poll with 60% but he keeps appearing in public,” retorts the Gulu DPC. “We urge Burobuto to stay indoors and at least dispatch his campaign agents to collect the signatures,” the DPC further advised.