Big Stake: Tycoon Nekambuza Adri takes over Nabweru FC

Big Stake: Tycoon Nekambuza Adri takes over Nabweru FC. Whisper Eye Reports.

Global one logistics Boss this week promised to turn Nabweru FC into “one of the greatest football names in Ugandan football” after completing his planed millions purchase of the Nabweru based football club.

The Nabweru FC football club which is struggling to reach super league will have a chance to smile .

Tycoon Nekambuza Adri in his early 30s, takes over the Nabweru side after its owners have accepted it’s takeover .

“We are delighted to join the Nabweru FC family,” said Nekambuza Adri

“As a fan told Idris ‘Take our iconic club and make it one of the greatest names in Uganda football’.

“We intend to do just that. Our commitment to Nabweru FC is total. We will be very present in Uganda , a country that holds a special place in our hearts, as we embark on this exciting journey. Emphasized Nekambuza.

“Our vision for the club and the team is to favour a sustainable and long-term investment approach rather than quick fixes.

“We recognise that we have been entrusted with a team. which represents a vital part of the soul of football , and this is a responsibility that we will always take very seriously and humbly.” He added.

Former Uganda Cranes defender Ivan Bukenya will be the Patron of the club and will be involved also in the daily running of the club.

Whisper Eye efforts to determine the percentage take over of the club was futile however reports indicate he has brought the majority stake in Nabweru FC.

Nabweru FC which is under Kampala District Association league have had recurring financial difficulties to progress to Uganda Super league.