We’re Not Just Losing Our Global Air Conditioner. We’re Actively Destroying It.

The science on the rapidly melting Arctic sea ice, our global air conditioner, was already bleak enough to warn us all to leave it alone. And yet, as a new study in Nature reveals that even the direst projections for ice loss have proved too conservative, ships are heading into the Arctic Ocean in increasing numbers to damage what’s left. The global effects include overheated oceans, storms, fires, crop failures, and disease. How much more catastrophe do we need before we decide it’s time to change our ways?  

The Arctic sea ice is pivotal to our survival. It acts as a giant shield at the top of the Earth, reflecting 50% of the sun’s heat back to space. This helps keep our weather patterns stable, so we have the food, resources and infrastructure we need to live. But it’s been melting away for decades. Now, according to the Nature study, it’s vanishing even faster than scientists predicted. Only the worst-case scenario models considered by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), with the highest carbon dioxide emissions, come close to the actual rate of melt. 

But as if that weren’t bad enough, commercial shipping traffic is on the rise. Ships made 935 voyages on the Northern Sea Route (along the Russian coast) through the first six months of 2020, compared with 855 trips in the same period last year. These are massive ice-destroying vessels, and they also bring more pollution. The ships carry oil, liquefied natural gas and other fuels, which if spilled or leaked, would decimate the surrounding Arctic ecosystem.

Our world has no business extracting or shipping these fuels anywhere in the first place. Their carbon dioxide emissions will only melt the ice faster, accelerating what scientists say is the Earth’s sixth mass extinction event—currently well underway. Standing by and passively allowing this destructive activity is tantamount to signing our own death warrant. Our world is losing as many as 200 species forever every day as a direct consequence of our own disconnected thinking that considers us as separate from Nature and each other. Unless we wish for Homo sapiens to be among the extinct, we must change our ways immediately. We must act now to remove the threat to the Arctic Ocean and get behind MAPS, the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary. 

MAPS is a 360º initiative to awaken interconnection around the world in order to preserve all life. By safeguarding the Arctic Ocean, it protects our homes, food and water supplies, and collective wellbeing. The all-volunteer international non-profit organization Parvati Foundation, led by its Founder and CEO, the award-winning musician, author and activist Parvati, created the international MAPS Treaty to protect the Arctic Ocean. The Treaty has been translated into all official UN languages, provided to the 193 UN member states, and shared with officials at major UN conferences since 2015. With signatures from 97 more countries, the MAPS Treaty enters into force.   

“The world’s weather patterns are inherently interconnected,” says Parvati. “All life everywhere depends on Arctic sea ice. Its loss is already causing a chain reaction of suffering worldwide, affecting the safety and food security of multiple millions. MAPS helps keep our planet liveable. The entire world community must come together to support MAPS now, while there is still time.”    

Citizens of all nations are urged to sign and share the MAPS petition at https://parvati.org, and to call on their governments to endorse the MAPS Treaty for the good of all.  

Our Mission 

Parvati Foundation is an international nonprofit organization that supports a healthy world by helping people remember our inherent interconnection.  

Our Values 

We understand that we are a part of and responsible for an interconnected world. With no political or religious affiliations as a group, we are motivated to selflessly serve a world in need. We think, speak and act with courage, compassion and clarity. We understand that inner peace is the foundation of world peace.  

Our Founder 

The founder of Parvati Foundation is Parvati, a chart-topping, award-winning Canadian musician, author, and educator. She is a catalytic vehicle awakening interconnection for a healthy world.  

Our Team 

Our all-volunteer team includes world leaders, renowned humanitarians, scientific luminaries, environmental heroes, media moguls, and compassionate citizens everywhere.  

MAPS: The Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary 

MAPS is a 360º initiative to awaken interconnection globally in order to protect all life. By safeguarding the Arctic Ocean, it protects our homes, food and water supplies, global immunity, economic balance, social stability, and world peace. 

GEM: Global Education for MAPS 

GEM is our plan to realize MAPS at the speed required. It activates the most potent catalyst for social change: the hearts of humanity. By harnessing the power of modern media, it awakens interconnection and generates the international momentum of an unstoppable call from citizens and world leaders alike for a healthy world.  


Why do we need MAPS?  

·         The Arctic Ocean ice is our planet’s air conditioning system. It balances weather patterns globally so that we have the food and resources we need to survive.   

·         The white ice reflects 50% of the sun’s rays back into the atmosphere. But it is melting fast. – There is now 75% less summer ice in the Arctic Ocean than there was 50 years ago. The open ocean absorbs 90% of the sun’s rays, and today parts of the Arctic Ocean are now 4º C too hot.  

·         The Arctic Ocean is under threat as never before by corporations and governments that seek to profit from the unprecedented loss of ice.   

·         We are inherently and inescapably interconnected. What happens in the Arctic Ocean affects all life on Earth. We must act now to protect it.  

Why MAPS now?  

·         All life on Earth depends on healthy, robust sea ice in the Arctic Ocean. But it’s in more danger than ever.   

·         As the ice melts at a staggering rate, businesses and governments are moving to take advantage of the Arctic Ocean’s resources for short-term gain for a few, instead of protecting this vulnerable, climate-regulating region for the benefit of all. This is a deadly error.   

·         We must realize MAPS now to lead the way to a healthy and safe future for all.   

How is MAPS realized?  

·         MAPS is being realized through the MAPS Treaty, an addendum to the UN Law of the Sea.  

·         Under MAPS, the entire Arctic Ocean north of the Arctic Circle will become an international peace park, free from exploitation of all kinds.  

·         The MAPS Treaty enters into force with the signatures of 99 world leaders, including those of the Arctic nations.   

·         Two nations to date have signed the MAPS Treaty and more signatures are expected soon.  

What does MAPS permit in the Arctic Ocean? 

·         Scientific investigation 

·         Local subsistence fishing 

·         Observation and inspection 

What does MAPS stop in the Arctic Ocean?  

·         Natural resource exploitation 

·         Seismic testing for oil and gas 

·         Commercial fishing 

·         Through-shipping traffic 

·         Military activity 

·         Dumping 

Why is MAPS relevant during the coronavirus pandemic? 

·         MAPS has been acting on what COVID-19 is now teaching the world: what happens in one part affects the whole. 

·         COVID-19 is here because of our collective disconnect and our broken relationship with Nature, ourselves, each other and the world.  

·         There are thousands of people dying every single day from pollution and starvation. COVID-19 is waking us up to the damage we were already doing so that we can take responsibility for it.  

·         Frozen buried pathogens in the high north are at risk of emerging due to melting Arctic ice. If we do not shift, we will face another pandemic.   

Why is GEM important?  

·         Grassroots activism alone (such as letter writing) does not create the international change at the speed required to save our world.  

·         People must live in interconnection to sustain MAPS in perpetuity. This happens through the global transformation of GEM. 

·         GEM is specifically designed music, yoga, words, tv, web and events that activate the most powerful catalyst for social change: the hearts of humanity. 

·         The urgent realization of MAPS is dependent on GEM. 

Why did a nonprofit organization draft an international treaty?  

·         It needed to be done. We no longer live in an era when we have the luxury to consider one isolated region as if it were separate from the whole.    

·         Parvati.org has no political or religious affiliation and no financial interests in MAPS. Our interest is humanitarian.  

·         We know that all life everywhere has the fundamental right to be free from suffering, misery and lack.