Hypocrisy: NUP loyal members roasts Bobi Wine producer Dan Magic over decampaign credible Dr Roy Ssemboga

Hypocrisy: NUP loyal members roasts Bobi Wine producer Dan Magic over decampaign credible Dr Roy Ssemboga. Whisper Eye Reports

Renown music producer, Beat maker, and sound Engineer Oyerwot Brenny Daniel locally known as Sir Dan Magic roasted for decampaigning former Makerere University guild president Dr Roy Ssemboga praising UJA president haji Kazibwe Bashir Mbaziira.

Sir Dan Magic has been moving on decampaigning Dr Ssemboga who is among the co-founders of People Power, Our Power Movement which re-branded to form National Unity Platform (NUP).

Loyal members of NUP accuse Dan Magic for working under abnormal influence to character assassinate their candidate Dr Ssemboga as tension heat up in Kawempe South constituency between Dr Ssemboga and Uganda Journalist Association (UJA) president Kazibwe Bashir Mbaziira face off of party ticket.

Many loyal members of NUP are backing Dr Ssemboga to be the flag bearer of the party in Kawempe South constituency due to his recommended work to both People Power Movement and NUP.

“It is necessary and beneficial to look at new movements outside of ”Politics” that’s when you will realise that we need actual leaders not ”politricks” for the benefit of our society,” says Sir Dan Magic.

“Kawempe South he is one of us and part of our pain ‘nze ndi’ meaning I’m team Kazibwe Bashir.

Kawempe South for Kazibwe Bashir Mbaziira,” he stated.

From Dan Magic statement he referred to Dr Ssemboga as a politician who had no use to NUP, thus going for Haji Kazibwe Bashir Mbaziira as his preferred candidate.

The statement annoyed Supporters of Dr Roy Ssembogga labelling Haji Kazibwe Bashir Mbaziira a spy in NUP who has not been of no help to the party.

“Ha ha Dan magic pressure is raising!! We have hard everything in the audio, but you will be fine, Dr Roy Ssembogga for kawempe South,” says Andy M Kibirige.

The battle between Dr Roy Ssembogga and Haji Kazibwe Bashir Mbaziira is a test to the newly launched political party on the political road map of Uganda.

Sir Dan Magic is a music producer currently working with NUP president Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu a pop music star popularly known by his stage name Bobi Wine.