Understanding Mukaaku Lubega- Lubowa Henry

Last week, Hon Mukaaku Lubaga told me about the request for him to step down from the NUP EC or drop out of the MP race for Lubaga South. It was a shocker.

I was one of the few people who had encouraged him to take up the role despite the reservations that hanged around his appointment. I felt he was missing in action, the struggle needed him.

Lubega is one of the few straight politicians standing, very incorruptible, very dedicated, rabidly fearless, and ambitious. You can’t mess with a project where he is.

That’s what happened in Kyadondo when he spearheaded the Robert Kyagulanyi election, Jinja East with Mwiru, In Bugiri, he knew little about Basalirwa, but stayed in Bugiri throughout the campaign, in Arua he commanded the remnant forces when everyone was shuttered.

That’s Mukaaku, very intellect, humorous and jovial. The NRM knows this. So, when Mukaaku told me of choice he had to make, I was taken aback. I asked myself, don’t they see that we are playing the Museveni tune! May be I was sentimental.

But I believe for this struggle to suffice, we need many lion hearted Mukaakus.
Mukaaku is running a tough race in Lubaga South. Three weeks ago, many had counted him out and that’s one of the causes of Mukaaku’s problems. Mukaaku without money re-entered the Lubaga South race, where money bag Mukasa had dominating for sometime.

He and Nasolo, had made it a money contest until Lubega resurfaced. In just 3 weeks Mukasa and possibly Nasolo, are no more. That’s not good news to Mukasa’s sponsors. With their money demysified, the last option was to unsettle him in NUP. And that’s what happened.

The news of his departure was leaked from a state sponsored online Junk newsletter – the NBS. How they knew what was unfolding in the NUP, tells the level of regime infiltration in our party. As we battle the numerous fronts of the NRM engagement, this is one risky one, not because engagements are not ugly, but because this involves the hand of our principal.

The principal should never be used to score an own goal. No. We waste time in clearing the after affect.
On Lubaga South, all signs now favour Mukaaku to replace Kato. Lubaga South has always voted debaters, iron men, outspoken, men of national stature. They voted Damiano Lubega, John Ken Lukyamuzi, Kato Lubwama. They are not about to vote a Mukasa who may not even match Kato Lubwama, they will vote Sam Lubega.

That’s what happened when the NUP EC invited prospective candidates at Kamwokya. It was all Lubega for Lubaga. With that he had to go.