Exclusive: How MP Ibrahim Kasozi saved President Museveni from being defeated by Dr Kiyingi

Exclusive: How MP Ibrahim Kasozi saved President Museveni from being defeated by Dr Kiyingi . Whisper Eye Reports

Uganda Federal Democratic Organisation (UFDO) Chairman Dr Aggrey Kiyingi has revealed how Makindye East MP Ibrahim Kasozi saved president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni from defeat.

Dr Kiyingi while addressing the nation on radio Munansi on Sunday August 23, 2020 sounded to be very tough than usual ways, told listeners that MP Kasozi is equivalent dangerous to Uganda like the current regime.

During the talkshow on radio Munansi (www.radiomunansi.com) he said that the legislator has over time worked with security agencies to spy on UFDO and him (Dr Kiyingi).

“He works with all intelligence agencies in Uganda. He first worked with Gen. Kale Kayihura, Brig Charles Bakahumura the then CMI Boss, Gen. Henry Tumukunde when he was still in security, late AIGP Andrew Philix Kaweesi, and Brig. Ronnie Barya,” says Dr Kiyingi.

“Currently MP Ibrahim Kasozi is reporting to Maj Gen. Kandiho, Brig Asiimwe, Afande Kaka, Lwakihalate, Sabiti Mzee, Lt. Col Night and Lt Gen Nalweyiso,” states Dr Kiyingi during the talk show.

According to the intelligence reports from Kampala, Dr Kiyingi said that MP Kasozi is holding meetings with Museveni’s top spying agents at Serene Suites and Bugoloobi.

And at times in state house where he reports to Lt. Col Night who takes him direct to the president.

“MP Ibrahim Kasozi uses his national ID as a code of communication, His ID number is CM780121036XFK”, states Dr Kiyingi.

He said that all plans were finished to end president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s rule in Uganda but he was saved by MP Kasozi.

” Mr Kasozi was my trusted son, but betrayed me and he doubled crossed, he is an enemy of Uganda, and the struggle. MP Kasozi led security agencies to arrest our people in the struggle”, Dr Kiyingi said.

“Mr Kasozi took our resources and to make matters worse he has worked had to tarnish my name that President Museveni bought me, this is unbelievable!” Dr Kiyingi remarked.

Dr Kiyingi has exposed MP Kasozi and asked him to defend him self on radio Munansi.

It was also discovered by Dr Kiyingi that Mr Kasozi at times call him self as Henry Kityo for his safety from public notice.