NRM CEC Race: Vote for loyalty and consistency, says NRM chief mobiliser Eng Sewaava

The National Resistance Movement national chief mobiliser Eng Mukasa Sewaava has come out to openly campaign for what he calls loyalty and consistency between the Lands Minister Persis Namuganza who is contesting against Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga for a position in the Central Executive Committee (CEC) of the National Resistance Movement -NRM Party.

“We only want NRM members who are very loyal to NRM party ideologies and those who will sacrifice for the party, not those who betray us by working with the opposition.

People Like Capt Mike Mukula should be supported too, said Sewaava

Namuganza is challenging Kadaga for the second National vice-chairpersons slot, in the Central Executive Committee of NRM.

As Capt Mike Mukula is being challenged by Sanjay Tanna who hails from Tororo for the the post of NRM Vice Chairperson Eastern Uganda.

Sewaava who hails from Bukomasimbi whose role in the NRM is to mobilise support for the party across the Buganda region, was speaking to NRM delegates in Greater Masaka recently ahead of today’s show down.

Sewaava says that NRM needs a youthful Namuganza and people like Mukula who have demonstrated their love for the party and their full support for president Museveni .

The race between Kadaga and Namuganza as well as the other between Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah and Sam Engola has proved to be the toughest in the NRM CEC elections.

Although President Yoweri Museveni has asked some contenders to drop out of other races, he reportedly said, voters should be allowed to decide on these two.