Dr Warren Tumwine defeats Ingrid Turinawe, MP Kaginda to FDC flag in Rukungiri Municapality MP slot

Dr Warren Tumwine defeats Ingrid Turinawe and incumbent MP Kaginda to hold FDC flag in Rukungiri Municapality MP. Whisper Eye Reports.

Rukungiri Municapality MP FDC primaries took place at Rukungiri main stadium earlier in the day.

According to confirmed results from FDC , the little known Dr has defeated the incumbent MP and FDC mobiliser Ingrid Turinawe.

Dr Warren Tumwine scored 130 votes as Ms. Ingrid Turinawe scored 65 votes, the incumbent MP Hon. Mugume Rolland Kaginda scored 62 while others Mr. Benon Rwenzigye ,Mr. Herbert Mbabazi Kawawa and Mr. Francis Musimire scored 0 votes all combined.

Kizza Besigye the former four time presidential candidate who hails from Rukungiri took to his tweet to comment about the hotly contested vote,

He said; In what’s been largely seen as a major upset, a fairly new person on the political scene- a medical doctor, WARREN TUMWINE, is the FDC flag-bearer of Rukungiri Municipality!

The FDC Flag has been hotly contested previously by Ms Ingrid Turinawe & incumbent Hon Kagyinda.He added.

Little is known about this new kid on the block however he is widely received and he has contributed to the growth of FDC in Rukungiri.