Bobi Wine condemns destruction of Ndeeba church by police, writes to Archbishop Kazimba

Bobi Wine condemns destruction of Ndeeba church by police, writes to Archbishop Kazimba. Whisper Eye Reports

Opposition National Unity Platform (NUP) party president who is also the area MP for Kyadondo East constituency has wrote a letter to the Archbishop of Church of Uganda His Grace Stephen Kazimba Mugalu pinning top government officials involvement in the demolition of St. Peter’s Church, Ndeeba.

In the letter which Whisper Eye news has received a copy titled
“Message of commiseration and solidarity following the unlawful and reckless demolition of St. Peter’s church of Uganda Ndeeba”,

“Today the 10th day of August, 2020, a desecration of unimaginable proportions happened in our country, criminals, criminals guarded by the police and Military demolishing st. Peter’s Church of Uganda under Katwer II Parish, Mengo Archdeaconry” writes MP Kyagulanyi in the letter.

Hon Kyagulanyi reporter to the Archbishop His Grace Stephen Kazimba Mugalu that such incidents are many in Uganda thus calling for immediate collective solution.

“Your Grace, what has happened today is part of a continuing pattern where people in high places use their positions or connections to grab property belonging to government, religious institutions, traditional institutions, and private citizens”, MP Kyagulanyi stated in the letter.

“The holy scriptures tell us Proverbs 29:2 that: When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice but when the wicked rule, people mourn”, he quoted the Bible.

NUP president who is also popularly known as Bobi Wine, has clarified to the Archbishop the need of having righteous people with authority to create a new Uganda for everyone.

St. Peter’s Church of Uganda, Ndeeba was demolished yesterday Monday August 10, 2020 in the wee hours by court bailiffs who were guarded by security operatives.

The demolished Anglican church is one of the oldest and historical churches under Uganda province.