Road to 2021: Kasese youthful groups nominate activist Baluku Sam for Kasese Municipality MP Seat

Road to 2021: Kasese youthful groups nominate activist Baluku Sam for Kasese Municipality MP Seat. Whisper Eye Reports .

Kasese Concerned Youths have nominated People Power, Our Power Movement Human rights activist Baluku Sam for the municipality MP seat.

In an exclusive interview, Mr Kelly Bernard Nzaghale told Whisper Eye that they are greatly disappointed by the MPs who have served since the town was elevated to municipality status.

Mr Kelly states;

Since the creation of Kasese Municipality people have been asking why that parliamentary seat seems useless, we have had two MPs now who have disappointed the voters many of whom have opted out of politics.

People have vowed never to vote again.

This has been brought by disappointments by politicians who fail to fulfill what they promise during campaign.

In lukonzo there is a saying that”Ekyathulhwe thukaronderya embasa Omuyagha akyikunwire” meaning what has been demanding an Axe a huge wind has solved.

This is the common proverb painted now among the natives of Kasese Municipality.

For the first time they get a young man who stands with his people during hard times.

Hon Baluku Sam through his Non Government Organisation (NGO) Tender hearts Foundation (THF) has since the outbreak of Covid-19 early this year has been moving up and down to support the people with relief items including food soap and sanitary towels for the girls.

The other groups of people who were affected by floods are really grateful with the efforts by THF towards standing with them during the hard times of both Covid-19 and disasters.

As the lukonzo proverb “Eyakakutsuna omwakyiro Ukamusima omwithungi” meaning whoever labours to save you during the night is given a vote of thanks during the day.

This reveals that many navites have regained confidence and can’t wait to cast their vote to the one they call “Omwana weka” Home child.

Many pregnant women who are beneficiaries of the relief items have promised to name their unborn boy children after Sam in appreciation of the good heart and generosity that Hon. Sam and his team has showed to the people.

People think voting him is automatic and not enough since he has laboured to bring a smile to those in pain.

It is now evident that the people of Kasese municipality have gained the lost hope and are sure that finally they got an effective voice of a youthful approachable leader.

Kasese municipality is represented by hon Robert Centenary, who joined Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) last year, but last week he picked Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) forms from the party Headquarters at Najjanankumbi, Kampala.