Why president Museveni cannot make a mistake to allow Dr Aggrey Kiyingi to Uganda, says political analysts

Why president Museveni cannot make a mistake to allow Dr Aggrey Kiyingi to Uganda, says political analysts. Whisper Eye Reports

A week ago Ugandan Cardiologist based in Australia Dr Aggrey Kiyingi opposed the 2020/21 electoral road map of the Electoral Commission that recommended presidential scientific polls in 2021.

Dr Kiyingi while addressing the nation on radio Munansi (www.radiomunansi.com) he said that the proposed ‘Scientific Election’ was an escape route for president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who has become very unpopular in the country according to him.

Our reliable source close to Australia based Cardiologist revealed that, president aspirant Dr Kiyingi is planning his return to Uganda for the first time since 2007.

Uganda political analysts say that intelligent Museveni cannot make a mistake to allow the Uganda Federal Democratic Organisation (UFDO) chairman to return to Uganda at this critical time.

Among reasons why president Museveni fears Dr Kiyingi return according to political scientists are;

ONE, Dr while is in good books of the Buganda Kingdom which is based in the central region that controls the economy and political status of the country.

In May 2002, Dr Kiyingi initiated a 10b fund to promote computer awareness in the country.

He founded Dehezi International, a Kampala-based computer and Internet service provider which led a campaign to provide computers to schools and other organizations at lower costs and also donations.

Through this program he was targeting all Uganda’s young population to learn computer, due to the digitalisation of the world.

It was Dehezi International that designed the Central Broadcasting Services Ltd (CBS, Mengo based FM radio station website, www.cbsfmbuganda.com, which was launched in 2002.

The platform became an interactive medium through which listeners can tune-in to the radio over the Internet.

His efforts to digitalise Kabaka’s CBS radio won him much love among the Buganda.

Secondary Dr Kiyingi is loved by the clergy at Namirembe, the seat of the Anglican Church.

Whisper Eye was also reliably informed that Dr Kiyingi has funded many projects under the Church of Uganda.

His relationship with the born Again churches scared government security agents, who made reports against him.

Further more, Dr Kiyingi has internationally portrayed the wrong doings of Kampala government.

When the government issued an Interpol Red Notice for him.

And sent a government delegation to Australia, claiming that he was on a wanted list of ADF (rebel group) there was no proof of the allegations.

According to Dr Kiyingi says all these allegations are intended to prevent him to contest with president Museveni, saying that in fear of defeat.

On various occasions Dr Kiyingi has accused Ugandan president for engaging in regional wars which has disrupted peace.

Dr Kiyingi is also one of the city socialites.

He loves to attend social events whenever he is in Kampala.

And whenever he attends such functions, a free man who dishes money which acts are loved by the youths.

Political analyst have said that President Museveni, the worst mistake he can do is to allow Dr Kiyingi to return to Uganda.

Mr Sewino Lawrence a political analyst told Whisper Eye News that Dr Kiyingi is well established, with connection, across the world.

“He is respected person, one of best Cardiologist in the world. If he returns to Uganda he can give president Museveni sleepless nights,’ says Mr Sewino.

“The only way to contain Dr Kiyingi is detach him from Ugandans. Mr Museveni is making sure that he has no contact with the people, he added.”

Dr Kiyingi’s caliber can cause havoc to the government if he is allowed to Uganda, according to Mr Sewino.

“It is the reason why the government put up fake charges against him, to Justify the intention of denying him his rights and connection to the people, Mr Sewino added.