Just In: A section of Buganda youth stage protests demanding Federal

A section of Buganda youth stage protests demanding Federal . Whisper Eye Reports

A group of Baganda youths have today Tuesday June, 23 organised a peaceful demonstration at Buganda government seat located at Bulange Mengo, Kampala.

Furious youths possessed manilla papers with a message demanding for a Federal system of governance in Uganda.

Mengo government workers, and those private offices employees at Massengere building have panicked as the youths were chanting “we want Federal, we want Federal”.

They are claiming that many people have undermined the Kabaka (king) of Buganda on various occasions with unclear reasons.

Thus calling for Buganda self-rule system: Federal system of governance.

” we are tired of people undermining Buganda Kingdom, this is too much. Our kingdom has the capacity to run their affairs,’ says a peaceful demonstrator.”

A couple of weeks ago, socialite Gashumba Frank attacked Buganda primer Charles Peter Mayiga (Katikkiro) in a Facebook video which went viral on social media platforms.

Furthermore, they have tasked the Uganda Central government, why these people are attacking their Kingdom and there is no response.