Road to 2021: Mwaka Lutukumoi for Gulu East


Many young people cherish him across the country,  ” I want to be like Lutukumoi when I grow up ” they say.  At 42, in 10 years from now, in Lutukumoi, Uganda has a national leader and statesmen. 

He will be 52, the age of his mentor, Norbert Mao,  which Rumours has it that him being a God father and king pin in Acholi,  he is likely to bring a priest to show people. The irony is that Lutukumoi,  his mentee and defender seemed set to win Gulu East East Constituency. 

Born 12- 25- 1977 in Agwee, Laroo Gulu.  Studied in Obiya highland p7 school, studied in East Kololo  primary school, studied in Gulu town primary school, and a graduate of MUK Emmanuel is in his  prime. 

An orphan who educated self from age of 8. Did all odd jobs.  Including farming and digging people’s gardens, painting houses,  working as a porter at building sites in different parts of Uganda, working  as a loader in Arua park carrying goods in Kampala to educate self, Emmanuel is a definition of leadership and humility. 

Went to university,  did post graduate and masters.  Became African scholar [ Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation,  New York] based in new York. Before, stood twice and was second runners up in Gulu parliamentary elections in 2006 and 2011. 

Emmanuel was appointed and volunteered as information minister in Acholi ker Kwaro doing lots of work including documentation of cultural oral traditions to actual videos like Mato oput. 

He  was elected Democratic Party National Spokesperson in Uganda by Ugandans.  Later after a fall out with the DP Party in 2011, he was appointed as a civil servant by the President of Uganda in Lira as Deputy RDC and acting RDC.  

A position that was his signature of leadership in Lango.  Twice selected and won awards as best RDC in Uganda, for fighting corruption and improving service delivery. 

After exposing the corrupt in the office of the President,  his life was in jeopardy. As a scholar, he left for USA where he is now a change activist and a scholar.  

Emmanuel Mwaka Lutukumoi belongs to several change and human rights groups in the world.  He is a member of activist people power debate team of ” RED FRIDAY ” He is a change blogger and writer on Facebook and wazup groups and generate/ provocks debates.  

Emmanuel Mwaka Lutukumoi is in PR / communication team of DEFRA- Defense for human rights alliances based in California,  USA. This group hosted Uganda opposition in May 2019 to craft a way out for change.  

Emmanuel Mwaka Lutukumoi is active as  Vice President Biden and USA Democratic fundraiser and campaign African team.  

Emmanuel Mwaka Lutukumoi is both locally and internationally connected with valuable networks. Emmanuel Mwaka Lutukumoi is also a  frequent debater at International institute for family development inc. He participated in several zoom with African great proffessors,  scholars and leaders like, Hon Malema of south Africa.  

Emmanuel Mwaka Lutukumoi,  assembled Ugandans under Africa Diaspora and administers the group both on Wazup and telegram.  

He assembled Acholi DAISPORA,  Acholi Agenda, Acholi North America as groups in several social media groups.  This helped Emmanuel raised money that the group initiated: Acholi Agenda COVID-19 Agro seeds. 

At least helping 1000 families in Aswa and Lamwo districts.  Emmanuel set up a team of selected Acholi proffessionals from all over the world,  the group is assembling Acholi Marshall plan and intend to lobby up to 2 million dollars for transportation of social economic situation of Acholi people subjugated for a long time. 

Besides, during the war in Northern Uganda,  Emmanuel was the first to use his pocket money and money raised from friends to build the first night commuter centre in Gulu,  2001 to 2007. 

He initiated the idea of night commuter centre where thousands of young people were saved from LRA Abduction.  Within the center, Emmanuel picked a few smart children and educated them under initiative, NEEDY EDUCATION SCHOLARSHIP TRUST.  

Todate it supported hundreds including orphans in Lango.  Amule Jackline aka Jakie Janiela ( Facebook) a success story,  from primary to university now, a girl from Otuke.

Emmanuel initiated an NGO,  UYAP, that through it lobbied and built Teokono vocational school in Laro,   that has skilled thousands of women and youth since 2006. In 2007 to 2012, UYAP,  through Emmanuel recieved Aid from USAID and supported 5000 households in Koro on food security. 

As appointed RDC Lira,  Emmanuel initiated Lira wa,  a campaign focused at uniting the people to love their city,  keep it green and clean. planting trees to change the weather.  The same was done in Kitgum under kiti na.  

Through out his life,  Emmanuel has focused at transforming Acholi,  Uganda, Africa and now the world. His vision is to be part of those who will transform Uganda and united states of Africa.  

Finally: the moral question is,  what kind of leadership do we need.  Many tell us, you have to be blessed by a God father.  Actually twice that Emmanuel lost in elections. He was decampinged by God fathers. Being an orphan,  who stood for truth and justice, He ended up trying but never giving up. Even when a street kid eating in Dustbins in Kampala,  struggling to educate self, He never gave up . 

Nb. For more information about Emmanuel Mwaka Lutukumoi,  subscribe to Emmanuel Mwaka Lutukumoi at YouTube, also Google his books, The Luo secrets,  the Wise men, God smiles, I saw him etc.. 

Also Google,  for his votes of confidence and great work with integrity in Lira, he was reappointed as full RDC Lira in 2018 but declined.