A good Muganda is a dead one are you waiting to see Yusuf Baliruno dead! Man tasks Katikiro Mayiga

A good Muganda is a dead one are you waiting to see Yusuf Baliruno dead! Man tasks Katikiro Mayiga. Whisper Eye Updates

Embattled CBS sports presenter Mr Yusuf Baliruno issues takes a new twist as the public gets concerned each day goes on.

Educationalist Kyeyune Frank has requested Mengo based radio to protect the image of Buganda Kingdom by solving Mr Baliruno’s payment issues.

‘CBS is a brand name very much respected in Uganda due to its attachments to the Buganda kingdom, which brand needs protection and shielding against all odds,’ states Mr Kyeyune.

“Sometimes you need to swallow your pride for the good of others and in this perspective, the protection of the Buganda kingdom and the Kabaka as the epitome,’ he says”

‘You can’t claim taking Buganda on top “ntiko” when you can’t give a fellow Muganda a working contract or any other work arrangement but after failing him you comfortably come out and say he had no contract with us, are you really being genuine or a mafia?” Mr Kyeyune asked.

Mr said that Mr Baliruno contributed much to the success of the Central Broadcasting Services Ltd (CBS) FM.

If it is converted into money, Mr Baliruno disserves an outstanding pay.

The management of CBS should calculate the number of adverts and sponsorships plus promotions were made during his sports programs according to Mr Kyeyune.

“Why have you decided to treat Yusuf like that?” Mr Kyeyune asks.

Obote once said “A good Muganda is a dead one”are you waiting to see Yusuf dead then come out and praise him because he will be dead?

”Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga, a lawyer, Kabaka “wapakopi,” are you part of the management of CBS?he questioned.”

Mr Kyeyune calls Katikkiro Mayiga to handle Mr Baliruno’s unfairness to protythe brand name of CBS FM.

Yusuf Baliruno workmates Mr Abby Mukiibi, Omulangira David Lumansi, hon Kato Lubwama are asked to come up and help Mr Baliruno.