Kazibwe Bashir to petition CBS radio over Yusuf Baliruno worse situation

Kazibwe Bashir to petition CBS radio over Yusuf Baliruno worse situation. Whisper Eye Reports.

Uganda Journalist Association (UJA) president Hajji Kazibwe Bashir Mbaziira has called for a special meeting for the supreme journalists body to discuss about the worsening situation of Yusuf Baliruno ‘Of Uganda’.

Hajji Mbaziira told Whisper Eye that they have not meet Mr Baliruno yet, however they have watched his video recordings trending on Social media.

‘I have watched Mr Baliruno’s videos on social media, and got his side but I don’t know what his bosses are saying. I want to meet his bosses and listen to them too,’ says Hajji Kazibwe said.

“We are going for a meeting as UJA executive to discuss and see how we can peacefully solve this issue, he added.”

UJA Executive meeting is summoned tomorrow Wednesday June 17, at UJA officers in Kawempe near KT Pharaoh.

Mr Baliruno who worked for Buganda owned famous radio Central Broadcasting Services (CBS) FM for 20 years, alleges that he was not paid his salary.


He was only surviving on monthly allowance of 100,000/= per a month.

A reliable source intimated to Whisper Eye News from Mengo based radio said that Mr Baliruno lacked academic qualification to be given a job contract.

Thus worked with the radio as a causal labourer mainly broadcasting local sports, Masaza Football Tournament (County) and Bika Football Tournament (Clan) for only three months a year.