Chris Onyanga Uganda Permanent representative to UN passes on

Chris Onyango Uganda Permanent representative to UN passes on.

Onyanga representeda Uganda at the World Trade Organization and other International Organizations in Geneva.

According to Government, Onyanga died Wednesday June 10, 2020 morning in Geneva but the cause of his death was not revealed.

Since 2013, Christopher Onyanga coordinated least Developed Countries, or LDCs, in the aforementioned organizations.

At the UN, he was involved in discussions and formulations of binding principles and regulations as applied by affiliated organisations like HRC, ITU, WHO, ILO and UNCTAD.

Onyanga had also represented Uganda as ambassador to Russia, Germany, Austria, and the Vatican.

Other countries he’s represented Uganda to are Nigeria, Senegal, Cote d’Ivoire, Liberia, Ghana, and Cameroon, amongst others.

In Uganda, he held various positions, including as board director of Transocean (Uganda) Limited, in charge of transportation, freight and clearing of goods and services.

Christopher Onyanga also held the position of principal national housing officer in the National Housing and Construction Corporation, carrying out construction and management of housing estates to increase housing stock in the country.