Tororo North MP aspirant Onyango appeals to President Museveni to be considerate and let boda Boda’s work again

Tororo North MP aspirant Onyango appeals to President Museveni to be considerate and let boda boda’s work again as youthful men only survival. Whisper Eye Reports.

Tororo North 2021 MP aspirant Onyango Emmanuel has appealed to president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to allow Boda boda riders operate amidst the increasing number of Covid-19 victims in the country.

In the statement released by Mr Onyango, he has explained to the president that motorcycle riders in Uganda are badly off looking for daily food.

Mr Onyango states;

Mr. President, much us we cherish you, the wanayinchi have been left out in pain during this lockdown.

You only entitled food around Kampala and its neighbourhood leaving the vast country crying of hunger.

The MPs got the bribe of 20 million each as Kyadondo East MP said, which court outlawed hence directing it to the district convid19 task force leaving a lot of questions of certifying Ugandans desires at the point of trouble.

My people of Tororo North county have gotten northing left to be proud of since they now days buy food from the shops where they don’t even have jobs to earn that expected survival income but you have still locked them down in the name of covid19.

Your last pronouncement on the covid19 lockdown cut our hands and legs for survival because most of our youths survive on boda bodas when people are moving and be guided that down in the country side luggages cannot move without people moving.

Taxis have been grounded in the names of border district as if these locals don’t pay taxes to the security that assured this nation to protect its border line.

Many Ugandans use public transport and are being high affected by your misguided and unthought of polices my lovely friend Mr.President.

Let’s not guide this country into the laws of the jungle where its only the strongest to survive, these trucks entering this country are for the few rich who sleep satisfied inclusive of your own ministers.

This whole Coronavirus pandemic and the lock down character reminds every elite of the animal farm where some people are not equal to others while our great constitution that was bought and brought with blood in pain calls for equality among Ugandans.

My friend Mr. President there acts that killed the friendship of the cat and a rat even as you see them run against themselves don’t be amused because am aware that western language is highly exciting and indeed previllaged in all your wise quotes.

The voice of my people in Tororo North county must be heard and Ugandans at large, its time you open up our country within the means of your power as our president, stop the Covid-19 Task Force from fooling Ugandans since its rumored that the team is milking money from government in the name of Covid-19.

Thank you my good friend Mr. President!

I remain Onyango Emmanuel the rightful voice of Tororo county North.

Mr Onyango writes.