Covid-19: Uganda Prisons ready to release violators of coronavirus directives

The Uganda Prisons Services have said that they have forwarded all the particulars of all the people in their custody for the violations of the guidelines on the fight against the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Speaking today at the Media Centre in Kampala, Frank Biane, the spokesperson of the prisons said that they have done their part and are ready to release them and only await a response from the concerned offices.

While addressing the nation on June 1, President Museveni ordered for the release of all prisoners on remand and those convicted for the violation of the guidelines issued by the government in a bid to fight the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

According to available information, about 4000 people had been arrested and either sentenced or awaiting trial and sentence for violation of the COVID-19 guidelines.

Meanwhile, Biane clarified that they don’t have any coronavirus case particularly in their Kayiti prison in Mayuge district like it has been spread on various social media platforms. He said a friend of a prisoner who tested positive of the virus wasn’t in their custody.

He added that the particular prisoner although tested negative and was put under isolation. “We don’t have COVID-19 in prisons and there is no need to worry anybody,” said Baine.