Uganda’s Kizza Besigye condemns George Floyd , a black killing by US white cop

Kizza Besigye condemns a black George Floyd Killing by US white cop.Whisper Eye Reports

Four-time presidential candidate and president Museveni’s challenger Rtd Col Dr Kiiza Besigye Kifeefe has joined the rest of the world to condemn brutal killing of a black American by US white cop.

George Floyd (46) a black American was killed by a Minneapolis cop.

The incident was captured on a video camera which is circulating on social media.

Former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Party president, Dr Besigye has called upon the world to red mark US over violations of Human Rights by security officers on duty.

‘Human Rights are universal. It’s about time the the world raised a Red flag on the USA,’ says Dr Besigye.

The People’s government president Dr Besigye, told Whisper Eye that many blacks in US have been brutally murdered.

‘George Floyd joins uncountable other blacks that have been brutally and needlessly killed by White US cops,’ says Dr Besigye.

“There have been many protests in the US following such incidents but, clearly, they haven’t got it, he explained. “

Since Monday, Floyd killing sparked off serious protests that are still ongoing demanding for justice.