Bobi Wine can not win without other players support, people power Buganda youth leader Angella Namirembe warns

Bobi Wine can not win without other players support, people power Buganda youth leader Angella Namirembe says. Whisper Eye Reports.

Buganda region People Power Movement youth coordinator Namirembe Angella advises her boss over political alliances a head of 2021, presidential polls.

Ms Namirembe sent a political message to Kyadondo East MP hon Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu popularly know as Bobi Wine, to embrace all political players to defeat president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

Uganda Young Democrats (UYD) member and trainee writes;

Yes my family is of Democratic party (DP).

When I was joining national politics, I was lucky enough to join the same party through UYD Kyambogo University Chapter where I served as the General secretary for a year.

Those days, “of course immature politically” my mind’s were only limited to supporting Democratic Party as a loyal member.

However, as time went on, I got disturbed when it came to DP supporting candidates like hon. Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu (an independent) Hon. Mwiru (formerly FDC now ANT) Hon. Betty Muzanira(FDC), Hon. Asuman Basalirwa (JEEMA), Kassiano Wadri (formerly DP, FDC now ANT) and lately Nyakato Asinansi (FDC).

Well, I must say, I was not well informed of what politics is.

I used to also silently attack whoever was not DP not until my UYD trainers who include; Maddo Isaac Muwonge Timothy Tina walugembe Kijjambu Deogratias and others used to guide me on how politics flows.

Today, I see many have the same challenge I had.

I may not know so much but I am using my Facebook to atleast share with them the little I got from my mentors.

We being opposition, we can never win without unity.

DP used not to front candidates and support other party candidates to ensure that they add something to the opposition in Parliament of Uganda.

May be it could be why I joined People Power Movement Uganda.

It was and it is strictly for the oppressed regardless of political party, race, religion or age for we have those in the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) that are oppressed too.

I believe in Hon. Kyagulanyi as my next presidential candidate but all I know is, he can’t make it if all forces of change don’t unite.

Sometimes attacks to fellow comrades get beyond and I ask myself who these people really work for.

Whenever we attack the fellow opposition, we get to divide our selves and find some joining the oppresser and at the end we lose it all.

Can’t we at one particular time put our differences aside and ever think of a United opposition?

Just like we were able to win the other constituencies into parliament, I believe we can win even at a national level.

Ms Namirembe has been at the opposition front line on various occasions before Covid-19 pandemic lock down.