Rwandans in Uganda condemn Frank Gashumba attacks on Katikkiro Mayiga

Rwandans in Uganda condemn Frank Gashumba attacks to the Katikkiro of Buganda. Whisper Eye Reports.

Whisper Eye has learnt , Rwandans in Uganda have disassociated themselves from derogatory remarks made by Kampala based socialite Mr Frank Gashumba in a trending social media video.

In a facebook live video Mr Gashumba used abusive language towards Buganda’s primer minister ‘Katikkiro’ Charles Peter Mayiga.

In a document on Whisper Eye desk signed by the Chairman Young Banyarwanda Cultural Development Initiative (UYBCDI) Rwigema Joseph condemned Mr Gashumba’s act in the strongest terms.

‘Reference is made to derogatory remarks made by Mr Frank Gashumba aimed at the Katikkiro of Buganda Kingdom Ow’ekitiibwa Charles Peter Mayiga,’ the document reads.

“In the strongest terms possible we disassociate ourselves from Gashumba especially that he keeps on referring to our tribe – Banyarwanda on the internet video, they said in the document”

“Having been appointed by the king himself, humiliating the Katikkiro is itself a direct attacker on our beloved Kabaka,’ it reads further. “

They appealed to all Ugandas not to hate thier tribe but deal with Mr Gashumba as an individual.

“Banyarwandaare known to be humble people and we request that if there is anyone blaming, it should go to Mr Gashumba as an individual and not the Banyarwanda as a tribe, they said in the document.”

Katikkiro Mayiga – Mr Gashumba war has attracted many social media bloggers to make comments.