DP youth leader Ssembajjwe pens emotional letter to President Museveni over continued lock-down

DP Youth leader Ssembajjwe pens emotional letter to President Museveni over continued lockdown .Whisper Eye Reports.

Democratic Party (DP) National Deputy Youth Leader Ssembajjwe Paul writes to President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni over the continued Covid-19 lock down as MPs bags millions of money.

Mr Ssembajjwe argues that COVID 19 measures have impact on ordinary Ugandans which deserve a solution immediately.

Ssembajjwe writes;

Dear President Museveni

You and parliament have decided to allocate 10 Billion out of the supplementary budget to parliament to assist in this COVID 19 period.

And even when you(president Museveni) advised them to return that money after a backlash.

Only a few MPs responded, but even before the dust could settle.

We hear that still another 40M has been given to 317 National Resistance Movement (NRM) MPs who supported amendment of 102 (b) which lifted the age limit bar ‘gikwateko’, so what’s the country’s priority as of now?

You have received donations from various organizations and entities both in Uganda and abroad but no accountability of the monies has hitherto been made.

You have borrowed, borrowed and borrowed but still no clear accountability on your borrowing yet its us the tax payers who will bear brunt of your borrowing.

You even promised to give us food in Kampala and Wakiso which has never reached us in Kampala despite our positive reaction to your emergency orders of staying home and staying safe, we are about to die in our houses because we have been locked there now close to 3months ‘banange tulikuki’.

Mr President food is not a one off immunization that the once you get, it is finished, in any case some immunisation require more than one doze: ×2 or ×3.

Mr President some workers are at risk of loosing their jobs and some as we speak received half or even nothing on there salaries.

And there is no response to this effect from government which is the protector of the people.

People are surviving on their little savings which has also been drained , and as a result of this we have very many domestic violence cases for example a man killed him self in kabale for failing to provide 1000 shillings for salt.

So I strongly object on this idea of telling us to contribute 10,000 to the National task force because I for one has not and I dont think that I will benefit from that taskforce.

I appreciate your efforts in closing the airport.

But now u left an open window of the Cargo which has created more harm than good because the drivers keep on coming in with covid 19.

Which has made our numbers to go up so we have done our part of staying at home but the problem now is with border districts.

So restrictions should be put there and you open up.

Mr Ssembajjwe has appealed to the president to open up the country to allow Ugandans get food to eat.