Jose Chameleon endorses Mc Norman’s brand new song ‘Wanachukia Furaha’

Various news outlets in Uganda , South Africa and Africa have been a wash with MC Norman brand new song titled ‘Wanachukia Furaha’

Mc Norman chokes haters in this brand new song , Whisper Eye has learnt.

South African based Ugandan top musician MC Norman confirmed to Whisper Eye droping a brand new song based on a true story .

In the new song , Norman sings about haters and bullies , Wanachukia Furah a Swahili word, a language spoke widely in the East Africa takes centre stage in this brand new song.

Jose Chameleon would not hide his excitement when he listen to this song among several MC Norman fans but he had also to endorse it.

Jose recorded himself immediately singing the brand new song in his popular chamili voice endorsing the song he termed a bad chune literally meaning its a good song from the MC.
Jose Chameleon sings MC Norman’s song as a sign of appreciation

Chameleon is heard singing the chorus of Wanachukia Furah , Jose is among the top two musicians in Uganda and him endorsing a song means a lot for the Music industry .

The message behind this new song , Mc Norman brushes off haters who are known to invade people’s love relationships and family matters .

Listen to MC Norman Ganja new song Wanachukia Furaha

He assures his lover that no hater will separate them or enter into their love affair.

Born in a family of Music , Mc Norman has won several musical awards world wide.

He assured all music lovers that he will officially drop the song on the 22nd May 2020.