Hon Amelia Kyambadde raises bar in Mawokota North as people power’s Dr Hilderman candidature hangs in balance

Minister Kyambadde raises bar in Mawokota North as people power Dr Hilderman candidature hangs in Balance.Whisper Eye Reports.

Uganda Minister for Trade, Industries and Cooperatives Hon Amelia Kyambadde who doubles as area MP for Mawokota North constituency in Mpigi gains support during this period of Covid-19 lock down.

Minister Kyambadde has staged a recommendable fight to protect traders and business community during the ongoing lock down.

As a result of Covid-19 pandemic, president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni declared tough measures to prevent the spread of Corona Virus, among them banning public transport, quarantine, and total lock down which have intensively affected the business community.

Among Museveni ministers, apart from Health minister Dr Jane Ruth Aceng, hon Kyambadde ranks second to help president Museveni during this trying moment.

She has consecutively advised president Museveni to allow some businesses to operate following health measures put forward to fight against the deadly Corona Virus.

Residents of Mawokota North have applauded Ms Amelia and recommended her for a five-year parliamentary term.

Despite earlier tough situation staged by People Power coordinator artist Dr Hillary Kiyaga popularly known by his stage name Dr Hilderman.

Currently Dr Hiliderman’s support has greatly reduced in the constituency and many residents think, that the vocal artist should quit the hot MP race.

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