Breaking: Notorious Jinja RDC Eric Sakwa interdicted from office

Jinja RDC Eric Sakwa has been asked to step away from office to allow full investigations into his criminal charges. Whisper Eye Reports.

Eric Sakwa is currently battling with charges related to manslaughter, theft and others.
In a letter from the office of President , Hajji Kakande Yunus the secretary of the office of president says that Sakwa was arrested on charges of manslaughter and others , which he has appeared before court resulting from being remanded to prison.

The letter states in accordance with section f-s paragraph 8 of the public service standing orders (2010) you are hereby interdicted as RDC therefore barred from exercising the powers and function of your office immediately.

The Secretary emphasises that Mr Sakwa will still receive half of his basic salary subject to a refund of the other half in case the interdiction is lifted and the charges are dropped.

Sakwa has also been asked to handover any government property in his possession to the district internal security officer who will perform the duties of the controversial Sakwa , but will not be allowed to travel out of the country without permission from the office of the president.

Sakwa was last month arrested over criminal cases as allegations indicate that during curfew Sakwa together with his group was involved in beating a local man to death.

Sakwa , 38 is expected to honour the letter although he still blames what he has described as land grabbers behind all these.

When Sakwa was arrested various people stormed Jinja Court protesting his arrest despite calls from every corner of the country to social distance.