Shocking: Domestic Violence rise since Covid-19

Shocking: Domestic Violence increase as families spend more time together due to Covid-19 Lockdown, Whisper Eye Reports.

Uganda’s movement restrictions by the government aimed to stop the spread of the coronavirus in the pearl of Africa may be making violence in mainly serious homes more frequent, more severe and more dangerous.

Just as the country fights a life threatening crisis Domestic violence rising data shows ,conditions created by the continued covid-19 lockdown is having serious impact.

The President of Uganda Gen Yoweri Museveni took to one of his address to outline the importance of staying together during this lock down period however he as been also informed of the rising numbers of domestic violence cases.

There was every reason to believe that the restrictions imposed to keep the virus from spreading would have such an effect, said Marianne Hester, a Bristol University sociologist who studies abusive relationships.

Domestic violence goes up whenever families spend more time together, such as the Christmas and summer vacations, she said.

In Uganda traditionally families spend less time together as always a man will go out to work returning late evening as he will also leave early morning limiting the time families spend close time together.

The speaker of Uganda’s Parliament Rt Hon Alitwala Rebecca Kadaga Just like the President called out Uganda Police to fight against the increasing cases of Domestic Violence during Covid-19 lock down.

Reports shows that in April, 2020 3,260 cases of Gender Based Violence were reported to Police.

A number that has shocked hon Kadaga thus calling for an immediate solution.

‘If there is tension in many homes because of the amount of time the husband, wife & children are spending together, we should intensify advocacy for peace, unity & co-existence in our homes and families,’ says Speaker Kadaga

Despite the big number of cases report, many cases have been not reported to Police due to luck of food stuffs among other items as a result of Covid-19 lock down.

Uganda Police is advised to find means of counselling families to live in peace.