Gen Tumukunde entrance in politics awakens the 1999 Dr Besigye’s Museveni divorce ghost

News, good or bad is good news! TUMUKUNDE’ entrance in politics awakens the Dr Besigye’s NRM divorce.

In 1999, Dr Col. Besigye who was personal Dr to the Bush war heroes, slammed the regime. The former Minister, political commissar and Chief of Egineering and Logistics in UPDF, over saw and made noise on wanton corruption and produced a critical dossier criticizing the regime.

At that time the army spent over 1.9 trillion shillings on junk choppers and other military arsenal. The regime wanted to take Dr Besigye to the military kangaroo court, court martial. Dr rejected and joined opposition and declared stance for President. It was the beginning of the 2 decades battle between the two soldiers and leaders.

After running 4 times, Dr Besigye seemed to have lost the pecking order to Hon Bobi wine, a new entrant. But with the consistency, absorbing abuse and torture. After hitting gueines books of records for being the most tortured and impassioned human being on earth, he still calls President Museveni, “Mr Museveni, he is gaining”.

He has humility but surrounded by wolves destroying other parties. There is school of thoughts that he is a smart player plays the sucker. People who ran against him like General Muntu are smeared by his lieutenant and generals as moles. Mao’s tormentors, Hon Nambooze launches their missiles from his quarters. And yet he speaks not. If he can prevail over the silent burners near him he could have United opposition now. His food for thoughts are this, let him clear the doubt. But with a sober approach and clear Party structures, he is surely getting back and he has his traditional support.


In 2016, while RDC Lira, I met General TUMUKUNDE. The man is super intelligent and a suave Lawyer from Makerere university. Makerere of Dem days. The man is a presidential material. Like Doctor Besigye and many others went to Luwero jungle for a better Uganda, he is ready to die. But they and others like General Muntu are dissapointed. He is a total patriot.

In 2005, 5 years after Dr Besigye left the regime, he went on the media and criticized the NRM government that failed to improve the lives of Ugandans and blamed them on corruption and desperation. He was apprehended and over the years he had been harassed in Uganda military courts. Until 2018 he was still facing the court. The military court martial chaired by Brigadier Toolit in 2018, found that he has a case to answer.


  1. He was Director ISO, and knows intelligence and above all, recruited his own people within security.
  2. War and battle hardened.
  3. He is intelligent and must have mobilized clandestinely. In 2016 he headed multi billion shillings project to campaign for the President and he was doing his own work. RDCs gave reports in that regard before he was deposit from the job.
  4. He has been praising Dr Besigye.
  5. He has strong following in the army.
  6. People of region loves him and believes in him.
  7. He has been involved in youth politics. In 2016, he suffered tear gas injury when police hit him. He survived in Western Uganda. His son lost the hotel contested youth elections. His son Amanya TUMUKUNDE was beaten by Mwine Mpaka Rwamirama, Ministers son who was official NRM candidate.

Third force.

The trinity of Dr Col Besigye , General Muntu and General TUMUKUNDE could give a choice to the UPDF and they can eat from NRM. The science here will work best if the civilian opposition will work together for change. It is foolhardy to think you can have change in Uganda minus, UPDF, NRM friendly forces, Buganda and joined opposition.

Just speculation. But the news of General TUMUKUNDE joining the fray is best news for 2020. Awakens old ghost.

Mwaka Lutukumoi