Jose Chameleon condemns xenophobic Pallaso attacks in South Africa

Uganda’s music legend Jose Chameleon condemns Pallaso attack in South Africa

Leone Island Music Empire director Joseph Mayanja Afro beat music King in East and Central Africa also popularly known by his stage name Jose Chameleon condemns xenophobic acts in South Africa after Pallaso attack.

Yesterday evening Uganda singer Mayanja Pius also known as Pallaso was attacked by yet unknown people in South Africa.

He was beaten and tortured, admitted to hospital after the incident.

‘Thanks Uganda worldwide most especially the South African Ugandan community!!,’ says Jose Chameleon.

‘Pallaso Was rescued at all odds!!!,’ he added.

Jose Chameleon also Pallaso’s elder brother Condemned the attack.

‘But all this must be condemned as we are all Africans. If we move in unity same way always we shall be free,’ Mr Chameleon said.

Mr Mayanja called his younger brother to immediately return home.

‘Bro come home Now!God took control and he will always. Come back home!’ he stated.

Jose Chameleon appreciated all family members, friends, fans and everybody that reached out in such a time.