Four set to challenge Norbert Mao for DP highest office

Four set to challenge Norbert Mao for DP highest office. Whisper Eye Reports.

On Thursday last week former Luwero Woman MP Brenda Nabukenya declared to contest with Norbert Mao for Democratic Party (DP) president seat.

Nabukenya’s declaration has been welcomed by number of DP presidential bid from other DP members.

Mr Norbert Mao, 53, 6th Democratic Party president first elected in 2010 in a highly contested Mbale delegates conference.

Mao was reelected in 2015 at Katomi DP National Delegates Conference where he defeated former MP – Buikwe South, Hon. Dr. Micheal Lulume Bayiga.

Other candidates are: Hon. Lulume Bayiga, 50, after months of deliberation, former MP – Buikwe South constituency, also Shadow minister for Health in the 9th Uganda Parliament announced his decision to run for the party President DP for the second time.

The announcement came in from a closed door meeting with his close and confidant political friends.

Lulume rebuked the way the Mao administration has continued usurping powers of various party elected officials at the NEC including the office of the Organising Secretary.

According to Mr Ssekamatte Patrick popularly known as Smile, Dr Lulume has finished aligning his campaign team and the team vows to unseat Mr Mao.

Hon. Muhammad Muwanga Kivumbi, 47, Butambala county MP, has served in both 9th and 10th Parliament of Uganda.

The vocal legislator made his candidacy to some of his fellow Members of Parliament on DP ticket and some of the opposition MPs last week.

Hon. Muwanga is currently the Shadow Minister of Defence and Internal Affairs in the 10th Parliament.

According to Bulo sub county LC V councillor Mr Kakomo Juma also the political assistant to the legislator told Whisper Eye that it is true MP Muwanga Kivumbi is to contest for DP presidency.

Former presidential candidate 2011
Mr. Samuel Walter Lubega Mukaaku also joined the race.

Mr. Mukaaku former Parliamentary candidate in Mawokota South consituency in 2016 on an independent ticket.

A principal of DP bloc still faces a hurdle in Article 64 (a) (IV) in the DP consititution, under this Article, Mr. Mukaaku “MUST” apply to the NEC for a waiver or renunciation to be exempted for the said provision ONLY if the NEC seems it in the interest of the Party.

Mr Mukaaku has been on the forefront of opposition activities in the last three years.

Including UYD/DP reunion meetings, People Power Movement activities and DP bloc activities.