DPC, pleads with “Bobi Wine” please leave, save my job

DPC, pleads with Bobi Wine please leave, save my job.Whisper Eye Updates.

Kassanda District Police Commander (DPC) Mr Daniel Ogwellan pleaded to Kyadondo East MP Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu to leave a thanksgiving ceremony in the struggle to save his job.

Mr Ogwellen asked People People Movement leader hon. Kyagulanyi to peacefully match from the thanksgiving ceremony of Hon Patrick Nsamba’s father in Kassanda yesterday.

MP Kyagulanyi did not comply with DPC’s request.

And in the battle for the DPC to save his good job, he disrupted the function to force Mr Kyagulanyi also known as Bobi Wine to leave the function.

“Please save my job”, says Kassanda DPC.

Mr Wine told the district police boss that his job is to keep law and order.

“But we also told him that his job is to keep law and order and not to do politics for Museveni and his decadent regime.” MP Kyagulanyi said.

Hon Kyagulanyi together with other MPs and leaders, were invited to take part in the event and to contribute towards the building of a church.

Confusion erupted when the master of ceremony invited Bobi Wine to deliver his speech.

The DPC grabbed the microphone and ordered Mr Wine to leave immediately.

“I want to appreciate the hundreds of young Ugandans who stood their ground and refused to heed to illegal orders, until they were pushed off with force.” Bobi Wine stated.

Since Bobi Wine wrote to the electoral commission to make consultations a cross the country.

Uganda Police has denied him a chance, although the EC cleared his consultation meetings.