A section of the Democratic Party-DP leaders in Masaka district have rejected the party’s road map.

On Monday, the DP National Vice President, Fred Mukasa Mbidde and Masaka District DP Chairperson announced the party road map, which seeks to reorganise the party structures.

According to Mbidde, the program commences on January 30th, 2020 with the election of the  party village councils up-to the national council.

On Tuesday, Masaka DP Elder’s council backed by constituency and sub county leaders convened a crisis meeting in Masaka town, in which they unanimously rejected the program citing the suspicious compilation of the party register and irregular polling process.

Bone Stephen Kasujja, the Masaka Municipality DP Chairperson, says they have petitioned the party’s National Executive Committee-NEC disputing the road map demanding that the election process in Masaka is halted until a clear register is obtained for purposes of ensuring a clean election process.

He says the process of  compiling the register fell short of the principles of transparency and is only intended to fulfill the selfish interests of a few people, who are scheming for political positions as opposed to strengthening the party.

Kasujja accuses Mbidde of attempting to hijack the party election processes by imposing on them his own presiding officers against the provisions of the party constitutions.

He argues that the roadmap as issued on Monday abuses the idea of separation of powers basing on hierarchy of the structures.

John Baptist Ddungu, the Masaka Municipality DP Secretary  accuses the Party National Vice President of fusing the party organs with  leadership structures of his charity organization, Mbidde Foundation through which he allegedly also wants to run the party affairs.

Francis Kimuli, the Bukoto East DP Organizing Secretary has threatened to mobilize the party members to boycott the election should the party NEC fail to intervene and resolve the underlying inconsistencies.

However, Fred Mukasa Mbidde the DP National Vice President has slammed the petitioners describing them as a misguided group.

He insists that the elections will take place according to road map, which was approved by the party’s topmost organ without any interference.

Notably, the DP faction from Masaka has joined their colleagues in Makindye-Ssabagabo municipality, Mukono and Wakiso districts who also earlier protested the party registers over similar irregularities.